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About Georgia

Hello, I am Georgia and I believe that a seed is just a seed, until you plant it.  It’s still just a seed until you water it and give it sunshine.  It’s still just a wet seed until the roots start to sprout and dig down deep while the new growth reaches high above the dirt and finds its own oxygen and its own sunshine.  Like a seed, being a leader starts from the inside.  Let’s plant the seeds of leadership.  Let’s dig into you and your team, teach and inspire, so we grow together.  There is always a place to grow.  Right here!  Right Now!  Let’s sow some soil.


True change starts from the inside out.  It happens when you have those tiny Epiphical (from Georgia’s dictionary) Moments that take you from where you are now to a new place, new mindset, that you didn’t know existed.  That moment where new ideas just click and we start to think ever so slightly different.  We write down a new thought which leads to a new idea which leads to a healed would or an apology.  It leads to a hug or a handshake.  It leads to a smile or a new invention.  Leadership is strong when we lead to guide.  Change brings new life, growth and new found happiness.  It brings excitement and love!  Great moments in your life, business and relationships come from change. 


“You gotta sit in the dirt to grow your roots.”  Georgia Vanderville


Potential Keynote Topics


The Sum of  The

People Closest To You

The 5 people closest to you should be easy to find. Look on social media or next to you at work. But, is there something more? Are those people really the pool you’re fishing from? Look around you. Notice who is there and why. Then, learn to spot, understand, love and appreciate your number one person closest to you.

I Am Not A Glitch

Am I a Glitch? This keynote takes your audience on a deep dive of their inner beliefs, when they were created and how to deconstruct then reconstruct them so they can mentally advance in all areas of their lives.

The Stress Umbrella

The famous "S" word: Stress! We all use it but we don’t truly understand its power. This keynote helps your audience identify why they use it, what happens when they do use it and how to permanently eliminate it from their lives resulting in mental & material benefits.

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Georgia on Stage

Past Engagements & Testimonials


I attended a prestigious personal development event in Europe where Georgia Vanderville was one of the lead facilitators and where, under considerable pressure, she distinguished herself through her uncommon abilities in coaching, organization, and consistency. She’s magic!

—  Jeffrey Gratton


Georgia is a powerful speaker with a story and message that captivates her audience and takes them on a journey of discovering the people closest to us and how they impact our lives!


—  Sharla Brown

Founder, One Woman


Georgia is an exceptional speaker. She is able to motivate an audience to be true to themselves while making people laugh and cry together. She has such a dynamic personality that everyone in the room feels like they’ve made a new friend in her and the audience. Every time I hear her speak I feel empowered and ready to conquer anything.

—  Jenny Juchtzer


I have seen Georgia both on stage and as my coach going through Eric Edmeades Speaking Academy. This small woman is full of passion, jokes, kindness, funny stories and love. She always wants to improve and learn, and also passionately help others to improve and become better on stage. If you meet her once, she will always have a place in your heart!

—  Kersti Niglas
International Event Photographer


I was fortunate to have Georgia as my coach on a 5 day public speaking course. Her advice and support was fantastic, second only to the amazing example she set through her own speaking. A total inspiration in every way.

—  Sally Daniels

Accountant, author and budding public speaker


Georgia is the most compassionate person I know. She genuinely and truly cares about people, and their journey. She has a beautiful, engaging way of telling her own stories, and helping others tell theirs. I do whatever she tells me (from meditation to sauerkraut!) because she knows what works.

—  Stacey Yates Sellar,

Director of Talent at SkinSpirit (Medical Spas)


Start Sowing your own Seeds Immediately!

Bragitudes are Healthy Fertilizer

Bragitudes have been a vital part of our transformation from 12 cents to a 7 figure business. Now, I’m sharing them with you.


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Water and Sunshine are essential.


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