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Give Back Clean

The 4th Saturday of May each year is set aside for our earth.  The world needs a small hug from each person and we can give it to the planet by simply cleaning up trash for 1 hour a year.  With 8760 hours in a year, to give back one of those hours makes a massive difference!  Feel amazing while cleaning the earth you walk on most!


Shortie’s Candle Company

Since 2002, through the candles and melters we create we enhance the lives of our customers to inspire healthier mental health by connecting people to happiness!

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Public Speaking

After being told, by a highly successful Public Speaker and a prominent member of Hollywood, not to quit her day job and give up the idea of becoming a Public Speaker, Georgia severed very lucrative ties.  This calling inside to share and change other lives and her persistence of evolving as a Public Speaker has led her to stages all over the world.  From California to Croatia and events in between.


Munch and Meditate

A powerful experience for you and your team.  The journey of employee to explorer.  Unify teams to inspire change, creativity and positivity through Healthy Food and Deeply Mind Altering Team Guided Meditations.

Yoga at Home

Inner Echo

A transformative deep dive into your own internal beliefs, actions and thoughts.  Learning through activities and concepts that tap directly into you to create lifelong change in yourself, your family, and personal & business relationships.  Pull the weed before you plant the seed.  


Start Sowing your own Seeds Immediately!

Bragitudes are Healthy Fertilizer

Bragitudes have been a vital part of our transformation from 12 cents to a 7 figure business. Now, I’m sharing them with you.


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I use it daily!

Water and Sunshine are essential.

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